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A little about us…

The Iceman is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice on Prince Edward Island. Since 1997, we’ve been doing more than just manufacturing and distributing ice to wholesale and retail customers, we’ve been exceeding their expectations. Our ice can be found in convenience stores, grocery stores and campgrounds across PEI.


Ice is Food!

Strict guidelines exist to ensure the safe production of ice.

PEI has some of the best water worldwide, and our process begins with purest well water available only from our private well. Our water passes through a multiple filtration process including UV filter to ensure a quality foundation for the production of our ice products.

When the ice is made, it travels through a stainless steel auger, and then to the automatic bagger, making the process completely hands free and eliminating human contact. The ice is kept at a constant temperature from the packaging to delivery, ensuring the best quality product.

We work extremely hard to produce and maintain a quality ice product. To be able to achieve this, we submit to routine testing of our products, and continued inspections of our facility; both carried out by representatives of Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

So if your bag doesn’t say THE ICEMAN, do you know what you’re buying?

Locally owned and operated by the Duffy family of Canoe Cove. Family is at the core of our business. It’s a family that you speak to when you call in your order, and it’s the same family that deliver the ice to your door.


The Iceman produces more than 6 tonnes of fresh ice daily to ensure availability, and our friendly and knowledgeable family are here to ensure you get the best quality and service above all else.

Nothing is more important to The Iceman than completely satisfied customers.

Making the choice for ICE is easy, choose family!

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